91-day Declutter Challenge


Personal Reasons for Decluttering 

  • Calmer space, clearer mind.  I’ve read consistently that decluttering can help to elevate anxiety and depression.  I dream of a home I look forward to entering and opening to others as a safe place to share a laugh and enjoy time together.
  • Reduce living space.  Eventually I would like to retire to a tiny house or even a traveling platform infused with my funky style (i.e. small RV, VW bus – still researching).
  • Save money now and in the future.  It costs money to maintain what you have, so if you have less, you save more ~ sounds like basic math to me.  Plus if you run out of room, where do you store it?  I never understood paying someone else to hold your stuff on a long-term basis.
  • Less attachment to things.  I keep reminding myself that there’s no guarantee I will have these belongings tomorrow.  They are simply materialistic possessions.  I value experiences and memories, moments and connections.


Why I Haven’t I Done it ALREADY?!

  • What I want, when I want.  I admit I enjoy some retail therapy, but the pleasure is usually fleeting.  I am all too familiar with “buyer’s regret,” to the point I will walk around a store with my items and then do a self-check before approaching the register.  When I ask myself, “Do you really need this?”  I hear my inner child bellowing “OF COURSE!  It’s the answer to all our prayers.  Why can’t you see the possibilities?!” as she clasps both hands tightly over my wiser, tired soul that just wants to get out of public before lil’ inner Miss throws a tantrum.  But in the end although I feel empowered knowing I can provide for myself when and where I want with what I want, I look back a few years  (actually more like months or weeks) later and wonder, “What the heck was I thinking?!”
  • Consumer Mentality.  We are inundated with ads, marketing, and messages that we need more, should want more to … what feel better about ourselves?  But it’s never enough?!  You’re suppose to keep buying to feel that much better or slimmer or prettier or more successful or happier.  I despise Americans are more readily identified as consumers than citizens.  It highlights the priorities of profit, gain, and business … all the things that make me run away screaming.  Screaming back to the bookstore to buy the next self-help book, see a cycle here?
  • Growing up in a hoarder environment.  I’m ashamed to admit this because it’s still a relatively new realization.  I grew up with a hoarder and adopted some of the same tendencies.  Being poor, having things validated we owned some things.  We could touch, hold in our hands.  Tangible evidence that we owned something, whether it was trivial trinkets or worthless brick-brack … it was ours!


The Conflict:

  • Disapprove of working to give my money away.
  • Feel claustrophobic with all the belongings.
  • Have blocked out how much stuff I own.  (Taking pictures helped to see situation)
  • I’m embarrassed to have company in my home.
  • Historically I have invested emotionally in things and the memories they involve.

Before and after photos to be posted throughout the process. 


The Schedule

01 January 2018 ~ Week #1 Laundry Room
15 January 2018 ~ Week #2 Kitchen & Pantry
22 January 2018 ~ Week #3 Dining Room & Entries
29 January 2018 ~ Week #4 Living Room

05 February 2018 ~ Week #5 Master Bedroom
12 February 2018 ~ Week #6 Master Closet
19 February 2018 ~ Week #7 Bedroom 2
26 February 2018 ~ Week #8 Bedroom 3 {break}

05 March 2018 ~ Week #9 Playroom / Family Room {break}
12 March 2018 ~ Week #10 Office
19 March 2018 ~ Week #11 Craft Room
26 March 2018 ~ Week #12 Bathroom

02 April 2018 ~ Week #13 Storage & Closets

Wish me luck!  I’ll be battling a fierce army of personal demons and dust bunnies with this challenge.


First image from master bedroom as of 30 December 2017.  Second image from Pinterest.


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