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Do you GISH?

After filing for divorce in 2014 and moving back to Japan for another two years … this time alone, I discovered GISHWHES (the Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen).  While I only participated in a few items my inaugural year, I was bitten and smitten with the creative, good-vibes-inducing, mayhem-creating fever that was GISHWHES.

Fast forward a few years of painted cars, public acts of humility, and aggressive shenanigan recruiting … and last year, the founder Misha Collins and his team announced that would be the last year of GISHWHES … as we knew it.

Then BAM! this week, and they released a new, free app #gish.  The first challenge called for a gishy manifesto created by 4+ gishers at a local cafe.  I began to whine internally and throw a silent tantrum, “But I don’t know any local GISHers…”  However Misha in his infinite wisdom thought of that and created a map of all participants worldwide, encouraging us to meet and collaborate for the project.

Low and behold, Saturday afternoon after work three strangers met at the nearby Starbucks to begin our first dive into the #gishchallenge1.

Reading of the Rules
Supplies: Magazines, scissors, glue, and of course *glitter* 
What would your manifesto say?
Needs more *glitter*
#gish attempting to answer that age-old existential question, “Why are we here?”
Glad the staff allowed us to display our final #gishchallenge1 product
What would you add?

Standing by for the next challenge … #gishchallenge2 … BRING IT!


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