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Mother Nature Requires No Reservation

Let’s do it again!  This is my second year to attempt the #52HikeChallenge.  Being a free spirit who makes plans on the whim, I cherish Mother Nature and the fact she does not require a reservation.  She’s always there, ready to to engage and display her wondrous treasures.  All we have to do is show up!

Two days ago I ventured south toward Portland, Maine to Mackworth Island, home of the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf.  When I arrived, I was initially intimated by the snow-glazed ground as I stood there without crampons, snowshoes, or poles.  NN started with her pessimistic pleas to turn back, while PP recommended at least attempting a few feet of the trail.  I’m pleased I listened to my PP intuition because the trail was firmly packed and quite favorable for a winter stroll.  The temperature, a cozy 10°F, could be considered a heat wave from the recent sub-zero days.


A level and steady trail gave way to views which immediately captured my eye and heart.  The pier provided a private platform to watch the sun’s daily ceremonious farewell performance.


The contrast of brilliant colors and frozen water provided a plethora of opportunities to experiment with photography and record the day’s scenes. My only dismay came when a bald eagle flew overhead, but my balaclava prevented the phone’s face recognition from accessing the camera.  Instead I stood in wonder watching it soar across the sky and reveled in its majesty.  Remembering to be mindful and present during these moments.  Snapping a blurry picture is not as important as genuinely appreciating this life.


Moments that embrace the spirit and steal our breath, but are fleeting.


As I made my way around the last bend, the sun slipped behind Portland and produced an extravagant display of color juxtaposed against an icy Casco Bay shore.

No filter required

If you’re suffering from a bit of cabin-fever or winter blues, I recommend bundling up (layer-layer-layer) and finding a nearby adventure to calm your restless soul.  Mother Nature is waiting daily to welcome you and share her natural splendor!



Parking Coordinates: N 43° 41.357′, W 70° 14.111


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