Focusing Senses & Imagination for 2018

I have wanted to particulate in a 365-day photo challenge for years, but for one reason or another (debilitating self-doubt, frivolous excuses, general anxiety, fear of rejection)  never committed to the desired task.

However unlike previous years, I look forward to 2018’s new challenges, obstacles, freedom … because through these, we grow.  If everything were perfect, … well, that just sounds dull.  The word that pops to mind is stagnation.  Stagnation precedes suffocation, leading to demise.  Ergo I must push myself to create, discover, ponder, question, and nurture this inquisitive soul through artistic approaches ~ even if it’s not “perfect” at first.  At least I am trying, and there I will find strength and begin to quiet the personal torment of wanting to be a creator but refusing to share my realizations and creativity.

So while I cannot promise to post daily (sometimes my job makes internet availability impossible), I do vow to provide 365 photos throughout 2018.   In preparation, yesterday I purchased the new iPhone X, a slight upgrade from the no-longer-activated Japanese iPhone5 I’ve hung onto for years simply to use for photos and podcasts while hiking.

This morning I took my first photograph with the new device.  Still learning how to use all the features and functions, so I am considering today and tomorrow my “pre-challenge shakedown shots.”  I dub today’s “Mornin’ from Maine” (current temp -16*F).

2018, we’re Almost there!  I welcome you with open eyes, heart, and mind.


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”     ~ Mark Twain


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